1. Create mid level Diploma Engineers.
2. Secure 20% skilled manpower within 2015.
3. Make sure about suitable and disciplinary academic atmosphere.
4. Produce skill and dynamic manpower.
5. Be winner technological world to compete with other competitors.
6. Unskilled manpower transform into skilled manpower.
7. Obtain exemplary foreign currency as a skill manpower.
8. Produce large demand in national and international labour market.
9. Teach each student carefully.
10. Help poor and meritorious student from poor fund.
11. Have strong vigilance exist suitable academic atmosphere and avoid any  violence.


1. Drive administration work disciplinary.
2. Make sure regular class to the students.
3. Deliver timely information to the Bangladesh Technical Education Board and directorate of Technical Education.
4. Adopt free coping examination.
5. Communicate local administration.
6. Participate varieties Co-curricular Programme and cultural programme.
7. Prepare student activity sheet regularly.
8. Prepare semester plan.
9. Establishing Guidance and Counseling.
10. Make sure staff meetings regularly.
11. Prepare yearly budget.
12. Implement any instruction Bangladesh technical education board and Directorate of technical education.


Naogaon polytechnic institute is located 1 kilometer away in the south side form liton bridge, it is situated south 
side of naogaon across dobolhati Road at argi-naogaon. Fishery office and Ancholic somobi Trading centre is 
very near to Naogaon polytechnic institute.


Academic Bhaban :

Administration Bhaban :

Principal quarter :

Class room :

Lab & Works shops :

Machinist Lab-1Basic Lab
Wood shop-1Drawing/Drafting Lab-3
Water Quality Lab-208Electronic Lab-3
Microprocessor Lab-1CAD Lab-1
Network Lab-1Surveying Lab-109
Hydraulic Lab-1Construction Lab
Physics Lab-1Fundamental Lab-101
Chemistry Lab-1Model Making Lab
Software LabDigital Electronic & Microwave Lab
Hardware LabElcctrical Lab
Soil Mechanics LabCommunication Lab
Material Testing Lab Measurement Lab

IT center :

1- With inernet browsing facility

More over we have a large campus which is around 2.15 acres of land