Words from Principal Assalamu Alaikum, Welcome to Naogaon Polytechnic Institute website. In Bangladesh, Naogaon polytechnic is one of the best educational institutes in the field of technology. We serve science and technology based education and training to make the population as a productive manpower. Naogaon polytechnic institute was established in year of 2000. It starts its academic activities from 2004. Already two more batches have completed their diploma engineering degree. Naogaon polytechnic institute has delivered its educational activities in various fields of technology such as Computer, Environmental, Food and Architecture & interior design. Its vision is to be "the best choice for the best career opportunity." with the mission of maintaining good educational environment. Location: Naogaon polytechnic institute is located 1 kilometer away in the south side form liton bridge, it is situated south side of naogaon across dobolhati Road at argi-naogaon. Fishery office and Ancholic somobi Trading centre is very near to Naogaon polytechnic institute. Our Vision: We make our students dreamy and visionary towards the utmost career opportunities. Our Mission: The mission and target of Naogaon polytechnic institute is to produce diploma graduates who are able to get international standard education through healthy academic environment, proper guidance and constructive counselling. Truly, we always try to bridge up the knowledge between theory and practical and finally. We feel proud when we see our students are involved at home and abroad in productive and development of technology.

1. Drive administration in disciplined way. 
2. Make sure of regular classes to the students. 
3. Deliver timely information to the Directorate of Technical Education and Bangladesh Technical Education Board. 
4. Adopt copy free examination. 
5. Communicate with local administration.  
6. Participate in varieties Co-curricular Programme and cultural programme.
7. Prepare student activity sheet regularly. 
8. Prepare semester plan. 
9. Establishing Guidance and Counseling. 
10. Make sure of staff meetings regularly. 
11. Prepare yearly budget. 
12. Implement any instruction given by the Directorate of Technical Education and Bangladesh Technical Education Board.